With surf, sand, sunshine and tropical golf courses in abundance, perhaps most folks don’t immediately think of Palm Beach County as "corn country", not to mention the Sweet Corn Capital of the world.

corn cratesBoiled, roasted or raw, corn doesn’t come any sweeter than that grown right here in Palm Beach County. And we all know it to be the sweetest, tenderest sweetcorn to be found. No community grows more. In fact, Palm Beach County grows more sweetcorn than any other county in the world! Palm Beach County farmers cultivate more than 27,000 acres yearly. Few counties grow half that acreage. Western Palm Beach County is home to the best agriculture soil in Florida. The so called "Black Gold" or "Muck", is the reason the vegetables and fruits grow so well.

With a shelf life of a week to ten days, the local yield is quickly shipped to supermarkets along the Eastern Seaboard and to destinations as far away as the Midwest, California and Canada.

Aside from a bountiful supply of the world’s sweetest corn and other delicious food varieties, there will be children’s rides and games, music and competitions.

WPBC Farm BureauThe Sweet Corn Fiesta is an outreach activity the Western Palm Beach County Farm Bureau and is made possible by our fantastic sponsors and volunteers. Proceeds go to agriculture education and advocacy an Glades area food banks.

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